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Why Daydreams?

Skilled Facilitators | Instructors | Guides:
We forge long lasting relationships with the most experienced outfitters and independent suppliers within each of our destinations. Our hand-selected supplier partners meet strict Daydream criteria including safety records and training requirements. Careful selection ensures that all providers take steps to understand and offer services that reflect our mission. 

Exceptional Accommodation:
Carefully evaluating amenities, customer service, and sustainability practices is part of every Daydream Destinations accommodation selection. We make every effort to afford our guests the most cozy setting, ease and convenience, a feeling of safety, and, of course, fun! You’ll rest assured that our selection meets your expectations.

Unique Opportunities:
Sharing what is special about each of our destinations is our primary motivation. Including local culture awakens self-discovery, confidence building, and companionship while exploring our incredible destinations. Most Daydream trips will lead off the beaten track and take you beyond your comfort zone, in the best way. 

Ultimate Dining Experiences:
Our belief is that food is love. Unrivaled and exclusive, we plan every dining venture based on our destinations. We choose the finest eateries based on fresh ingredients and tasteful cuisine. For every trip, we make it a priority to incorporate eating well and proper nourishment. 

The Little Things:
Getting to know our clients is most important to us. You’ll find we are tuned in to your needs throughout every step of our journey together. Our trips are packed with additional—unexpected—highlights. And, because we like to offer a mix of local knowledge with awareness and discovery, we give you plenty of opportunity to engage within the communities we visit. 

What are Daydream Destinations?


Adven-tours for Women:

We'll make your dream your destination. Pack up your sense of adventure—and humor—and join us! Remember to put your everyday worries in a jar before you leave. Daydream Destinations offers amazing experiences  and  adventure-based learning opportunities for women traveling solo or with family or friends. 

What we provide


Limited Group Size:

We limit our program size based on activities offered within our destinations. 


Accompanying Hosts:

An experienced Daydream Destinations host will accompany each of our exclusive programs.


Enriching Experiences:

Our trips encompass skills, history, culture, and wellness. 


Social Engagement:

You will have plenty of opportunity to meet and engage with other like-minded women.

Relaxing Vibe:

We allot for plenty of relaxation time on every program.

Challenging Skills Building:
Our activities cover the gamut from easy to high-energy options.

What you can expect:
Stimulating – Gain New Perspectives
Shine – Expand Your Horizons
Soulful - Nurture your wellbeing
Social - Make friends
Stirring - Experience culture
Spirited - Discover your authentic self


Who Daydreams?

We all have daydreams. Whether you're solo, family, or what I call "cosmic sisters", traveling together automatically instills new perspectives and fond memories. Many Daydream participants are first time travelers who either don't have a travel companion or who have a bigger sense of adventure than those who surround her. Everyone — daughters, moms, grandmas, aunts, married, single — finds something to love within our trips. Everyone gets to take great stories home with them. In many cases, new travel companions become lifelong friends.

Daydream participants are typically between the ages of 35–60 years of age. Older and younger are more than welcomed! Most are professionals with the confidence to try new things. Clients join us from all offer the world, but most are from the US. Maintaining good physical condition and a natural diet are important to the Daydream gal. Joining a Daydream Destinations program offer her the opportunity to meet new people, rev up confidence, entertain a new challenge, explore cool places, and get physically active.


Does this sound like you? How can we make you a daydream believer?

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