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Our Story

About Us


Daydream Destinations develops and implements adven–tour programs that inspire confidence, camaraderie, comfort and cultural understanding. Our hosted, multi-day adventure programs encourage you to discover the world around you and break boundaries. Our journeys allow you to challenge yourself, expand your horizons and nurture your spirit in a fun, social environment amid beautiful places.


Our Staff


Kirsten H Michel discovered her own love of adventure at a young age.  From everyday excursions beyond the back yard to packing the car to head to grandma's for the weekend to the time when her first ever commercial flight turned dark and stormy; she was excited for every experience that took her beyond her own childhood boundaries. So many adventures were to follow as long as she remained open to each challenge!


Upon graduation from college, she took an extended excursion to Europe. On her first trip out of the country, she ventured solo to London to meet up with a girlfriend. Together, they created fond memories—venturing as far north as Sweden—and when her friend announced an early departure, Kirsten continued on with new friends they'd made from around the globe. Finding more and more fellow travelers to share adventures with along the way. That was one of the greatest decisions of her life.

"Traveling alone forces us out of our shell. I met some of the most amazing characters on that trip and I learned a lot about myself. My travels give me a sense of accomplishment. And I realized something, that there is a shared support among those seeking adventures in travel. Adventures are meant to be shared! I want to share that experience with others."


She fostered her love of adventure when she moved to Colorado in 1995, and years later when she took a year-long respite to Hawaii...alone. 

Working in outdoor adventure and corporate events for the past 20 years, every step of the way included sharing the beauty of the destinations. One thing that always keeps her going is seeing the smiles on the faces of those who had just experienced them.

All my life in resort areas. Catering to all kinds of clients. Understanding needs before they are missed. Attention to even the smallest details.


Our Philosophy
Make your dream your destination.

Our Mission
Fun trips for fun people. Enriching lives with confidence. Create lifelong memories. Encourage self-discovery through adventure.

Our Direction

The company began with a simple idea...create journeys that are unsurpassed. Our current offering include the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. Our trip offerings will expand, first nationwide, then internationally.


Hello Daydreamers, 

"I am delighted to share my dream with you. My passion is inspiring memories for my clients amid beautiful destinations. I especially enjoy seeing a renewed sparkle in the eyes and refreshed smiles on the faces of guests for whom I’ve planned adventures. 




"I’ve created an alternative to traveling alone. At Daydream Destinations, we look forward to getting to know you...we want to help you make your travel dreams become reality."

Kirsten H. Michel


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